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The magpies was identified as company“Longyan old”And“Ghost old[2018-11-12]
The magpies company was given a warm send-off comrade Chen guoqiang participated in the provincial model worker in fuzhou[2018-4-26]
“The magpies”Towel won2017Years“Fujian province customer satisfaction products[2018-4-24]
2018Years4New employee orientation[2018-4-23]
38 women's days,Make public“The magpies female worker”The elegant demeanour[2018-3-12]
Thoroughly study and apply the nineteenth spirit[2017-11-18]
“Celebrate the 19th The magpies worker heart to the party”Recreational activity[2017-10-30]
Boiler technical renovation project completion report[2017-5-15]
Fujian longyan magpie textile co., LTD
The magpies towel marketing network
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